Where I've Tread - Day #5

The Dream City of Millions..

I was amazed and at the same time touched by the relaxed lifestyle of the French :D Shocking.. was the denigrated and unabashed response of the French road hogs to traffic rules.

The Mighty Falls

                                                                  The Bridal Veil Falls

                                                                 The Horse Shoe Falls

The most fervent, vehement and mighty form of nature I have witnessed after the 1999 Super-Cyclone.

The Bridge

                                 The bridge connecting the “Eh” s and the “Like.. Totally” s :P

3 Opinions:

etymofreak said...

Going Green :)

Megha said...

Paris is nice...it has a spirit like Mumbai, buzzing, but it's more glamarous....

I have not been to the falls, they look beautiful!!

The West Wind said...

@ etymo: U can get greener than grass :P

@ Megha: Paris is indeed amazing.. It did remind me of Mumbai in some ways :) And the falls are amazing too.. if U have the chance U should really go there.

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