Leave The Stars Alone, I’ll Settle For The Stratosphere – Day #8

The impending month shall witness me pulling my socks up and actually doing the following:-
       - As always I have accumulated a humongous amount of crap (which contains a cached speck of    important stuff in it.) I have to clean, sort and pack that speck, and get rid of rest of the crap.
      - After 9 months of PhD work, I am baffled and somewhat dubious of how far along I am. So I   plan on making an overview of all my experimental approaches to keep track.
     - The Gilbert ‘Developmental Biology’ book has been perched on my desk for more than a month now. It’s been pleading me to lay my hands on it, to be opened, to be read… I can’t avert it from it’s destiny any longer.
      - My laptop is just as saturated and messed up as my room. I need to organize and make some space in both.
      - Since I have just one month left in my current Abode with an amazing Swimming Pool. I have to find time to go swimming everyday again (like I had been doing for 6 months straight until the festive mood had set in. :P)
      - For the entire last month I have been lagging in all my work although I have been working my ass off. (Courtesy the zillion presentations I have had every week.) Now it’s time to cease my retrograde progress and squeeze in yet more work everyday to regain my lead and relish the exhilarating satisfaction of leading myself.
       - I have been constantly forgetting to drink enough water, so I need to drink more often. :P
      - I haven’t followed anything passionately since the Football WC, now its time to be hit by the fan-fever again for the Cricket WC, so I somehow HAVE to figure out a way to watch it online.
     - The forthcoming month will mark my 24 years of existence on this planet :( and I have to brainwash  myself to look at the brighter sides of turning 24, instead of sulking about aging issues. I have to focus on the ‘wisdom, perspicacity and experience’ that comes with it rather than the number itself.

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Leo said...

West Wind becoming wiser? :) share the wisdom too. and hope you do all that what u have listed. Swimming every day seems a nice idea. :)

The West Wind said...

Thank U Leo.. I hope so too..

etymofreak said...

Hey Wise Girl, want some advice from me on turning 24 :P
And i would pay to watch u in a swimming costume...would make for my 24 years of existence :D

The West Wind said...

Dude.. there is a reason why the wisdom was in quotations :D Right now.. u seem to me like Joey :P
And thanks for the idea of an alternative career in case I get sick of what I am doing right now.. (Btw.. it aint that bad.. and u will get your share of it soon).

etymofreak said...

Abe wisdom is always best concealed by acting asinine...
I have had my share of being mature...no more free advice :D

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