Imprints For Life - Day #7

They always cheer me up.. On trees and plants or in the sky, on a canvas or in a little child’s drawing.. Each colour has a special meaning, represents a special season, has a special mood attributed it.. Each colour heralds a special message. I know that it is a visual illusion, a meticulous game of tiny molecules. But that does not depreciate the remarkable beauty colours impart to the world around us.
Colours remind me of conviviality and mélange. They are a fine example of how a blend of various colours makes everything so vibrant and mesmerizing while any one of them alone makes everything so dull and drab. (A whole new perspective to the ‘united we stand, divided we fall’ theory.) They remind me that everything in life is not black and white, neither does it stick to the RGB scheme. Things can be multifarious, obscure and complex like Orange, Turquoise or Magenta.
So to everyone who is fortunate enough to be able to behold the beauty of varied colours of nature, take a moment and savour the flavour.

The Sky
It’s amazing how I can gaze into the sky for hours, resplendent sparkling sky, or a somber cloudy sky.. Making patterns in my mind, drawing lines between stars, staring into emptiness and approaching oblivion… It comforts my nerves, calms me down and provides me succor to clear my mind.
The variegated demeanors of the sky make me feel like it’s the same and so familiar, yet so disparate and contrasting everyday. It’s empty, yet profusely laden with voluminous space and celestial bodies.
The sky is everything I love.. versatile, kaleidoscopic, mysterious and infinite.
A new colour.. new patterns in the stars.. new shapes in the clouds.. Never the same :)
Time and again I have wished to break free from the shackles of gravity and soar high into the sky :) Alas.. The Earth is what God chose as the Human Abode.
It has been rightly said, ‘The sky is the best place, that is why God lives there.

It is the anchor that holds my life in place. It is the drug that keeps me from insanity. Sometimes it brightens me up when I am blue. Sometimes it takes my hand and leads me to swing by my imaginary and quixotic world when I am sick of the real one.
And when I am in love with a song, it’s like the proverbial feeling of being in love all over again. Nothing I say here will do justice to my love for music and its impact on my life. So I drop the pen there…  

Images Courtesy : Deviant Art

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etymofreak said...

Naicee :)

Megha said...

nice :)
...the sky, colors and music together can transcend human emotion...a beautiful life, isnt it?

Gyanban said...

Some blogs are meant to be enjoyed in quietness and solitude,they seem to say so much more.Yours is one such blog.

The West Wind said...

@ etymo: Thanks

@ Megha: I agree.. life is beautiful indeed.

@ Gyanban: Thank u so much.. that is one of the sweetest comments ever :D

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