The Very Credible Me – Day #1

I have taken up this seemingly interesting yet impossible challenge called ‘The 31 day Challenge’. I first read about it on Ice Maiden’s Blog and the idea of challenging myself appealed to my diligent and whimsical brain.

So here it goes, everyday (starting today) I will post the answer to a specific question. So will my better half.. Get to know her here.

15 Random Facts About Me:-
·      I am an optimist.
·      I can write in extremely tiny handwriting, when necessity or my fancy urges me to.
·      I am very proud of myself these days as I finally learnt to swim (with all the technical aspects) and feel completely at home in water (in the swimming pool to be more precise).
·      Most of the times when I am studying.... I am actually procrastinating.
·      More than often, I wish I could pause life at a particular moment.
·      I seldom lose my temper.. even when I do.. hardly any of the people around me realize it.
·      The most difficult part of my day is when I have to wake up.
·      I miss the old, but I love the new. Fortunately I adapt pretty well, but I hate changes. I like things to go on just the way they are, especially, blissful sleep at night, vacations, days just before exams and so on. :P
·      English, may not be my mother tongue, but for me, it is the language of expression as well as thoughts (I sometimes even dream in English). 
·      My tangled and embroiled brain is constantly full of thoughts, many varied thoughts keep playing hide and seek in there all the time. Sometimes I have to note them down and follow them later on.
Most recent thought:- To write poem called ‘The Bitch Magnet’. The idea has been budding in my brain for a while now. It is a dedication to a very good friend, who will know when he reads this.
·      Generally, I am not a sports freak but when big events like the Cricket World Cup, Football World Cup or Euro Cup are due, I get totally hit by the fan-fever. (I love it). And yeah.. I am a die-hard fan of German Football.
·      Since a time beyond my memory, I have wished to have twins. (And it’s not a secret. I know its weird.. But I hope it is fulfilled).
·      Even on the verge of a natural disaster or an alien attack, I would notice and point out the grammatical and spelling mistakes around me. (Nothing escapes my scrutinizing eyes *evil grin*)
·      I love to imagine kicking certain people’s ass, but I reality I could never do it. (But I an blessed with a Fairy Godmother ..Err.. God-Friend who has taken up the ass-kicking as her department.)
·      As a child, I wanted to become an Astronomer.. (a term I first heard in my first visit to a planetarium at age 5). But I dumped the idea in a Black Hole when I studied Physics in 11th Grade.

A Recent Picture of Me:-
This is the most recent it could get as it was clicked yesterday :)

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etymofreak said...

The twins one was new :P
And thanks for u know what :D

The West Wind said...

LOL.. U are most welcome for U know what.. & 'The twins' were new??.. U didn't know?? Everyone knows..

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