Inconvenient Irony

“I don’t think it’s possible to live with you any longer.”

“Oh good! You almost snatched away that concern from my mind.”

“Anyways who would like to put up with a critical bastard like you.”

“Oh please! You think it’s easy to cope with your emotional outbreaks, mood swings and impulsive decisions.”

“Of course not. How can it be.. coz rationalizing and analyzing is the best way to deal with everything.”

“There is no such word as ‘coz’, it is ‘because’.”

“Oh yeah thanks for reminding me of your favorite hobby, i.e. finding bloopers in my words. Damn!”

“Alright! THAT is your problem? How about your exasperating practice of getting late every-fucking-single time? Why can’t you ever be ready on time? I am always running late because of you.”

“So what if I am a little late, at the very least I can find my own way to places without getting confounded at every freaking turn.”

“God! I don’t understand why on earth am I stuck with you.”

“Damned be ‘Anatomy’ ”

            -      And thus went on the squabble between the left and right lobes of the brain :D 


Say I am a fish. Alright.. that wouldn’t work for this story. So no, I am not a fish, rather say I am a mermaid. And I fell heads-over-heels in love with a man, a remarkable man indeed. However we both pertained to two completely divergent worlds. But for our surreptitious love to burgeon, we had to find a way to transcend nature’s boundary. Thus I prayed to God to lead me to a happily-ever-after. After praying for a long time, God rewarded my diligence and reverence by granting me only one wish. And this wish would lead me to my happily-ever-after. My predicament now is what would be the most idoneous wish to make. Should I ask to be transformed into a human so that I can spend my life with the love of my life? But then, am I ready to lose my existence for gaining love? Should I wish for him to renounce his own world and expect him to embrace mine as his own? Would that be too preposterous? Or should I wish for the extinction of this ethereal feeling of love from my notion and lead my life as it was? If I pick either of the options, then will I be able to live with the compunction of my choice? Suggestions?

Sweet Satire

“Damn! I am sick and tired of this. It is turning into an onerous obligation. I wonder how much longer we can keep this up.”

“Why does He do this to us? Does He not appreciate us at all?”

“Huh! His reverence is pretty palpable.”

“Men.. always oblivious of what they have… taking everything for granted.”

“Well.. well.. Life condones none. And when realization strikes, it’ll be too late and we’ll be gone.”

One alveolus in a smoker’s lung ranting to another.