Inconvenient Irony

“I don’t think it’s possible to live with you any longer.”

“Oh good! You almost snatched away that concern from my mind.”

“Anyways who would like to put up with a critical bastard like you.”

“Oh please! You think it’s easy to cope with your emotional outbreaks, mood swings and impulsive decisions.”

“Of course not. How can it be.. coz rationalizing and analyzing is the best way to deal with everything.”

“There is no such word as ‘coz’, it is ‘because’.”

“Oh yeah thanks for reminding me of your favorite hobby, i.e. finding bloopers in my words. Damn!”

“Alright! THAT is your problem? How about your exasperating practice of getting late every-fucking-single time? Why can’t you ever be ready on time? I am always running late because of you.”

“So what if I am a little late, at the very least I can find my own way to places without getting confounded at every freaking turn.”

“God! I don’t understand why on earth am I stuck with you.”

“Damned be ‘Anatomy’ ”

            -      And thus went on the squabble between the left and right lobes of the brain :D 

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NesQuarX said...


The West Wind said...

Whoa.. *Superfast*

NesQuarX said...

My hobby: Replying before the question is asked :P

Nice post, I could see the end coming :D

nil said...

hahahaha, absolutely LOVED this! :D

The West Wind said...

@ NesQuarX: Nice hobby I must say :) I likes it ..

@ Nil: TY Love <3

buckingfastard said...

The italics part is definitely male...wich side of brain is that!! :P

The West Wind said...

The italics are from left side of the brain.. and most certainly male :P

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