The Second Act

And ever has it been known that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation”,
says Khalil Gibran, a famous Lebanese poet..
& I agree :D
Such is my affair with my writing. My love for it is evoked in waves, and not always do these waves have systematic troughs and crests. Nevertheless, I always come back to it. It is my own way of liberating my mind, but only when my heart calls for it.  
Last summer I started a new segment of my life. My second act indeed :) I started from scratch and scraped by :) However, when I think about it, I somehow fail summarize it into an entertaining anecdote. So my year was rather simple, albeit not uneventful.. Ah well, I shall get there later. On second thoughts, my year was actually extraordinary, but still.. it can’t be stringed into one single entertaining anecdote.
New beginnings are almost always fun and exciting, garnished with a dash of apprehension though. But when it’s your second act, the apprehension is a tad bit more than a dash. But I have an adorable support system, that is nothing less than perfect. So I pulled my second act together and actually impressed myself with my alacrity. And my second act has led me to new hopes & dreams… I shall get to those later too ;)
Maybe that is the reason why I haven’t  written much in such a long long time. I had been a little too engrossed in my impeccable life. Actually my life had been perfect another year before that. But the last year also got extremely busy, so I did not, or actually could not, seek my little joys of expression as much. Many a thoughts fleeted by, some I scribbled down at the back of my notebook and some.. I willingly allowed to elude me. For I have discerned that thoughts are like the wind, the more one tries to confine or preserve them, the more they try to flee. So, hereby, I relinquish my whimsical  command over my thoughts.

Well.. now that I am back to writing, it does not imply that I am out of my happy bubble. Indeed I realized that in between my big chunks of happiness, I still missed my little drops of joy.