Say I am a fish. Alright.. that wouldn’t work for this story. So no, I am not a fish, rather say I am a mermaid. And I fell heads-over-heels in love with a man, a remarkable man indeed. However we both pertained to two completely divergent worlds. But for our surreptitious love to burgeon, we had to find a way to transcend nature’s boundary. Thus I prayed to God to lead me to a happily-ever-after. After praying for a long time, God rewarded my diligence and reverence by granting me only one wish. And this wish would lead me to my happily-ever-after. My predicament now is what would be the most idoneous wish to make. Should I ask to be transformed into a human so that I can spend my life with the love of my life? But then, am I ready to lose my existence for gaining love? Should I wish for him to renounce his own world and expect him to embrace mine as his own? Would that be too preposterous? Or should I wish for the extinction of this ethereal feeling of love from my notion and lead my life as it was? If I pick either of the options, then will I be able to live with the compunction of my choice? Suggestions?

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nil said...

Oh dear lord, this is the kind of crossroad that might lead to a broken heart either way :(

P.S- Just a little advice though dear mermaid, never excuse yourself out of love.

P.P.S- I miss you! You're still my favorite writer. So please update a little more often?
Much love always,
Nil :)

The West Wind said...

Thanks for the real fast suggestion :D The mermaid values your words :)

I miss writing too.. Will try my best to update more often.

Btw.. How you doing young lady?


nil said...

I'm fine.. Boards almost here! So yes, need I say more :(

The West Wind said...

Aww.. Goodluck Love :D Just think about the happier days on the other side of the boards.. that should carry you through. And I am sure you'll do great \m/

NesQuarX said...

Love, it's meant to grow, ripen, rot, fester, fall, take roots, and then become a tree of emotions and experiences you'll never regret having. Either way, let it.

The West Wind said...

You couldn't have said it any better :D TY :D

buckingfastard said...

ask for world peace if you got a wish...coz you go out to him, you will soon find that he is not worth the heat and pain of outside and if he comes to you he will keep glorifying his sacrifice for rest of his life.

and you still remain of those bloggers whose posts i start reading from the earliest i missed.

The West Wind said...

Well quite true.. but its something one cant live with or without..
And thanks for coming back to my posts :)

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