The Trio - Day #3

A few lines I composed a few years ago, best describes the friendship of The Trio.
‘Through these years we have stood by each other through tough times, heartbreaks, times of crisis, delusions and blunders. We have been partners in crime, consorts in treason and allies in charity. With each step we are assured that if we screw-up and create a mess then there is someone abaft to scour and purge it all. These days we seldom talk and hardly get to see each other.. grown up business.. too preoccupied with managing our diligent and chaotic lives. Therefore there is not much time to rekindle the old friendship, but I know it requires none. We might be separated in time and space but we still connect at some abstract level.’

A picture that best describes The Trio

And finally presenting a picture of The Trio.

PS: I couldn’t resist posting the picture of the most awesome class in school for 7 years :D Most of us have drifted apart, but some of us have stuck together through the trials and tribulations of time (and hurricanes like Genda). We are all awesome in our own ways.

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etymofreak said...

Love the last comment especially the part alluding to Genda...Certainly he left a more lasting impression on u :P

The West Wind said...

Lol.. yeah.. if I wasn't for him.. who knows where I would have been *wink wink* :P Plus.. U r a guy so u wouldn't know of his atrocities :P

Megha said...


thanks to facebook and orkut, the've managed to get old friends back together :) hope u stay friends for years and years to come :)

The West Wind said...

Thank U Megha :) Well Genda was an unnatural disaster we had to face during our school days :D U would be lucky to not know about him.

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