Super Heroes - Day #6


He may not be smokin-hot, he may not have super-cool gadgets, but he is the most down to earth and genuine superhero. The best combo of fantasy land and the rather unreal real-world. Peter Parker is the most adorable common-man-turned-superhero. He bears the onus of personal guilt in the most forthright way possible and truly embodies the human traits of regret and selfless nobility. Toby Maguire did total justice to Spiderman in the movies with his starry-eyed look, benevolent demeanor and honorable intentions. And the movies were jazzy Blockbuster-style grandeurs and action packed extravaganzas.
I loved how the following lines describe why I think Spiderman is better than all other superheroes.

 “Most super heroes had problems no more complex or relevant to their readers' lives than thwarting this month's bad guys.... Parker had far more serious concerns in his life: coming to terms with the death of a loved one, falling in love for the first time, struggling to make a living, and undergoing crises of conscience.”
                                                                                     - Peter Sanderson (Comic Book Historian)

Hiro Nakamura

Now isn’t that the cutest superhero-smile in the history of time. However don’t be deceived by his puppy-eyes. His ferocity may get camouflaged by his cute looks, but he IS ‘the perfect superhero’. Bestowed with the superpower to freeze time and cross time-space barriers, fighting and kicking-ass of all the possible iniquities one can think of, he did ‘save the world’ more than once (and he ‘saved the cheerleader’ as well). All that he lacks now, is to don his boxers over his jeans. (Certainly not a pretty sight.)
I have stopped following the TV Series owing to the plot’s extreme complexity and total derailment from its original mission to ‘save the world’, but Hiro is still the most adorable Hero ever.

The Powerpuff Girls

It isn’t my favourite cartoon.. but it IS my favourite superhero cartoon :) Girl Power at its best! I wanted to put one of them in this list, but after contemplating for a long time (that is the Real reason why this post is delayed.), I still couldn’t decide. There is something I love about each one of them. Blossom’s self-proclaimed echelon and seasoned wit, Bubble’s gaiety and gentle demeanor, and the feisty temperament of Buttercup, together they form the perfect blend of “sugar, spice and everything nice”.
But I think Bubbles is blessed with the coolest superpower :) When I was a little girl I had wished more than often to have her superpower and be able to talk to animals. I still think it would be really cool. :D

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bondgal_rulz said...

Loved all the posts in the 31 day challenge so far. Loving it! :)


Megha said...

hmm...of these I have just seen Spiderman...and parker is really cute

The West Wind said...

@ Bondgal : Thank U :) I am glad someone other than me is reading these posts :)

@ Megha: Thanks for visiting Megha.. Parker is indeed cute, so are the othes.

etymofreak said...

Powerpuff Girls...awww
I suppose you wouldnt mind a dose of Chemical X :D

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