The Life After : II - 55 Fiction #5

55 Fiction is a form of microfiction that renders a work of fiction within a word limit of 55 words. It is a contemporary form of expression which is greatly thriving among the neoteric writers.  This is the sequent to the last microfiction.  

“A soul.. I am not meant to retain empathy or pathos. But his distress provokes an unbearable pain within me. I fail to seek solace in tears. My tears have forsaken me.. They deny to escape my eyes.
Two weeks.. every night I watch him slouch onto the desolate bed, striving to blink away his tears… ”

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5 Opinions:

Mahesh Kalaal said...

Touching and deeply intriguing

nil said...

As always, beauty in the words-at its epitome.. The pain reaches the readers,truly..

The West Wind said...

@Mahesh: Thank U! I am glad you liked it.

@nil: Thank U dear :D

Neha said...

this is so different from the first one when it comes to narration; but the emotions still touch the same chord..

Gyanban said...

Liked part I better, going on to part 3 now.

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