Some things come to an end for new things to begin. A day, a week, a year, a millennium… everything comes to an end, to give way to a new one. Time, itself, is indefinite. It is us, mortals who have fettered time in the strings of days, months and years. It is well discerned that the universe is governed by the inevitable rule that anything that begins must come to an end, including human life. Yet we are invariably insatiable. We hanker for a long life. We are covetous. We wish to hold on to time. On several occasions, when a special moment fleets by, we avidly wish to cling on to it, to freeze time and live in that moment forever. But indeed ‘forever’ is illusory and nonexistent. There is another side to the coin, a different perspective. This moment elapses so that new and greater remarkable moments can become a part of the book of our life.
As the end of last year approached, I caught more than few glimpses of rants and sulks about how swiftly this year wrapped itself up and bid us adieu. I agree, more than often, time seems to pass by transcendentally swiftly. We are constantly laden with more things to do in a compendiary realm of time. Maybe that is the reason why time always seems bereft and meager. I do not allege that I am beyond all the ranting and sulking. Time and again, I, burdened and strained with work, have also been a victim to the dearth of time and covertly wished for longer days. But my intellect had always whipped me back to reality. Everyone around me has been going on and on about how briskly this year slipped away. While the truth, according to the laws of physics, is that every year passes at the exact same pace. I have had the same feeling on several occasions. But then the calendar was invented by humans, wasn’t it? So what is the big deal…
Now I don’t want to sound archaic and humdrum, but in fact, the days of a calendar  are almost insignificant and quite paltry to me. Of course work and other terrestrial conventional events are governed by the calendar. But my mind and soul aren’t. To me, every New Year  is just an excuse to make resolutions and have celebrations. An impetus to wish and hug my loved ones. A motivation to wrap up my loose strings. An incentive for a new beginning.  
But analyzing each day, I realize there is no idiosyncrasy, a brand new year or the old one. The temperament and vivacity with which we draw breath is vital. Each day in our lives is a feat in itself. Each day can be lived like it is the first day of a new year. Resolutions & Celebrations can be a part of any archetypal day. Every new dawn is a new beginning. I don’t need to wait until I can replace the calendar on the desk, for a new beginning.
‘Time’ can’t enslave my thoughts. They are ephemeral and emancipated like a butterfly.

“I am the master of my fate,
      I am the captain of my soul.”

                                                                        ~William Ernest Henley

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nil said...

Wow, absolutely wow. What a beautifully composed write up, indeed you're gifted with the pen.
You've earned yourself a Follower :)
I sure do hope you visit my page sometime,too. It'll be amazing to keep and touch and exvhange feedbacks on both our writings :)
Clear skies.

The West Wind said...

Thank you very much for following my blog. I am glad you liked it. Ofcourse I would love to be in touch and exchange feedback :)Your blog is amazing too.. will go throught the posts in detial when I have time.

Madhu | said...

I'm not saying this to reciprocate a nice comment by you on my post ; I'm saying this with the utmost sincerity I can conjure. Your posts make me speechless. They are so profound, well thought and full of grim realities that are oft sugar coated or ignored.

B E A U T I F U L ..

I will stop by more often. You are my shrink an it's free :-)

PS : Not participating in BAT ?

The West Wind said...

Thank u very much Madhu!! I really value ur appreciation, as you a wonderful writer urself :) As for BAT, I was really busy last week so couldn't make it. I do regret it.. the entries are so amazing. Looking forward to the next one.

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