Till Death Do Us Part

As I reached my 25 posts mark, I have handed over the pen to one of my best friends, indeed my friend, consort and companion since childhood. She has always been there to celebrate and revel each of my accomplishments, however paramount or petty. So here she is again, doing me the honors.   

Soulmates … people across this world irrespective of their color, gender, nationality and race instinctively seek for their soulmate as if we are inherently imprinted to do so. In war, in peace , in countries large and small, in sweltering heat and freezing cold, in tempests and tranquil , consciously or subconsciously we look for that individual who will offer us a sense of belonging, the gift of unconditional love and unwavering trust. We look far and wide, sans borders and religions and when at long last they are discovered we are willing to defy the whole world for them.
But who is a soulmate? Why do we assume that it has to be a spouse? Sometimes when we are diligently searching for this one person to render us whole, we so often overlook that someone, who was our shadow in light, a guardian angel in times dark, a port in the storm, sanctuary in the rain, and a warm hand on the shoulder. We are so engaged in staring ahead that we never bother to glance back and appreciate the constant presence defending our back.
Why are our visions ensnared in chains and our capacity to love so constricted? A soulmate isn’t indispensably a husband or a wife, a lover or a partner. He/she can be a friend, a parent, a child, a God or even a pet. Why not? After all, “there are more things in heaven and earth than one has dreamt of….”
Perhaps that’s why I believe to be genuinely blessed in not only having you in my life but also to be able to humbly accept that our souls are attuned to each other. You and I, I and you have been linked before even we were able to spell friendship. Maybe that’s why it has been so untarnished by the ravages of time. Our bond has been so pure yet so devilish, so innocent yet so impish, so simple and yet so deeply intricate. I have heard this sacred vow countless times and you were the first person that had made me comprehend its cosmic connotation. A few simple words casually stringed together but have unfathomable significance.
“To have and to hold from this day forward
For better, for worse; for richer for poorer
In sickness and in health; to love and to cherish
Till death do us part”
What is our friendship if not a solemn pledge to sustain each other in good times and bad? It is inconsequential whether we are rich or poor. We are each other’s balm in sickness and together we shall rejoice in our health. Isn’t it an oath to love and respect each other when our opinions diverge and treasure our converged thoughts? Isn’t it the patience to entertain our individual idiosyncrasies, soothe the insecurities and shouting encouragement even at the gates of impossibilities? If this isn’t what soul mates share then I do not breathe, the earth is not round and we are not friends.

We laugh; we cry,
Together we saw time walk by and by.
A few smiles …a few tears,
We touched eternity in these years 
Shinning sunrises & shimmering sunsets
lots of whispers, giggles and daring bets.
Cheating in exams & strolls in the playground,
naughty comments and crushes all around.
Dancing shamlessly in the rain,
pledging to be there in joy and in pain
From a child to a girl to a woman,
together we were on every road, each turn.
I'll be there and i know you will be too,
thats why we are soulmates true..

 p.s: ... In ancient cherooke tradition they do not say I love you because love is too dynamic and at times too vengeful and selfish... they say what I am saying now...
"you walk on my soul"

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nil said...

Jesus Christ. Your words..They put me into this trance where I can see nothing but those visually dynamic lines which provoke me to imagine.
Excellent post,again.

The West Wind said...
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The West Wind said...

Thanks for the kind words. This post has been composed by my friend Nicky (http://theeshadowgirl.blogspot.com/)

NesQuarX said...

It is touching. Thank Nicky for me.

geeta said...

Congrats on your 25th post....
your friend has composed it beautifully...
I loved it...

The West Wind said...

Thanks Geeta and welcome to my blog :)
@Nesquarx: I can't ever thank her enough :D

etymofreak said...

As someone who has known both of u since u two have known each other, i cannot help but wonder about the strength of this friendship that has sustained both of u till this day...
Hope u remain soulmates forever :)

Shadow Girl said...

@NesQuarX: Thank you for your kind praise. My only hope with this post was to touch the hearts of people who have absolute faith in a simple word "friendship".
@Geeta: Thank you for such sweet words.
@etymofreak:I dnt have to tell you how ur saying that makes me feel coz u have known us for like well...forever...!!

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