Half Of My Heart

Half of my heart’s full of imagination,
half of it holds on to the truth.
Half of my heart loves to rock the boat,
and the other half sails it smooth.

Half of my heart never knows what to do,
while the other half is always prepared.
Half of my heart cherishes everything too much,
and half of it never dared.

Half of my heart leaps for the moon,
and half of it waits to catch it when it falls.
Half of my heart wanders in the apple orchards,
while half of it ravages the malls.

Half of my heart loves to snuggle and cuddle,
while the world curses the rainy & stormy day. 
But the other half pines for the sun,  
and the sand & sea at the bay.

Half of my heart’s sensible and poised,
half of it is crazy and wild.
Half of my heart is like a whimsical teenager,
While the other half is like the mother of a child.

Half of my heart senses you want me too,
but half of it still thinks it’s too good a dream.
Half of my heart..
believes  there is a transcendent connection,
while the other half is thinking of..
strawberries and whipped cream.

The only thing both halves know,
The only thing that is true..
As long as the Sahara is enveloped in Sand,
And the poles capped by snow,
I can’t stop lovin you <3


 (Semi-plagiarized (read inspired) from ‘Half Of My Heart’ by John Mayer & Taylor Swift )

4 Opinions:

Tulika Verma said...

This is beautiful! I can relate! Don't we all have both the shades to us - the dreamer and the realist! loved it!

The West Wind said...

Thank U :) Yeah.. I have tried to bring out the two shades of my heart and mind. I m glad u liked it. Thanks for dropping by.. and welcome :)

Gyanban said...

No how did you manage that ? This is very well written.The mood,sentiment and the underlying philosophy is special.

The West Wind said...

Hehe.. well I haven't been very regular lately but well when creativity strikes its fangs are pretty strong. Thank U for the kind words.

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