Shakespeare In Love

Thou teacheth me to fight for what I want,
Be it justified or not.
Thou accostest for what others shan’t,
And showed me to tie the strings as well as unfasten a knot.
Thou madest me to cease being naïve,
And quit being a silly lass.
Thou teacheth me to choose myself over a world to save.
And for me thou didst kick some terrific ass.
In my joys reveled thee,
Whilst we giggled and laughed my and thy guts out.
In my sorrows who could’st more disheveled be,
Never once was there any turf for doubt.

O Fair Maiden, for everything .. I profess my undying love and gratitude for thee,
Coz’ without you I couldn’t have had my fortitude, and I wouldn’t be me.

                                                                                                               Image Courtesy: Deviant Art

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