Comfortably Numb

If I could love and loose,
and escape unscathed..
If I could wander in the moonlit night’s blues..
and not be in melancholy bathed.
If I could see, but not feel.
If I could listen and not heed.
If I could hurt and then heal.
If I could be stabbed, yet not bleed.
If I could expect no reaps
even after I sow my seeds.
If my guilt couldn’t give me the creeps
when I scorn the decree of the creeds.

Then I would be what I pretend to be.. and not to the deathly hallows of life succumb.
For then I would be Comfortably Numb…

                                                                                            Image Courtesy: Deviant Art

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Girl with a silver pen said...

Being numb is more comfortable than being in pain...only one in pain would ask for numbness...

Well written....and a beautiful picture

The West Wind said...

Thank you :)

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