Requiem to Freedom

A lustrous glass door I see,
my requiem to be free.
I gape through it, and I see beyond it.
But I don’t get its real grit.
Is it the truth or is it a lie
Or is it just a mirage, for my eyes feel dry.
I stretch my hand
and all I feel is a void.
It’s cluttered and packed yet
absolutely empty like a cheap cheap tabloid.

I close my eyes and open them again.
Rub them hard and look yet again
There the mighty gates stand,
sneering and mocking me like Devil’s hand.
I open my arms and beg thee.
To take me in and let me be free.
I don’t fathom how I am still bound
Begging to be free,
 yet by my own desires still shackled and hound.
I know not that freedom ain’t a place that lies beyond the gates.
But a state of mind
which has nothing to do with drugs, alcohol
or any princely states.

3 Opinions:

nil said...

Hello my favorite writer! diviiinnee to see an update from you. As usual, brilliant.
Dammn annyesha, I miss you man :(

The West Wind said...

@Nil: Heya my favourite reader (and writer too). I promise to be more regular from now on. I have been silently following your posts though. And let me add here they are awesome.

Kalyan said...

lovely lines...nicely crafted words!

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