Forbidden Love

Why is it the ‘forbidden fruit’ that tempts my heart the most? Psychologically it can be explained.. but I don’t need an explanation. Maybe I need an intellectual intervention, where my brain smacks my heart and sets it right. Unfortunately, I am much of a biologist to realise that the heart is only a pseudo star-crossed scapegoat defamed invariably over time for actions never done. While in reality the evil-brain and its conniving partners in crime, the wretched hormones and neurotransmitters, drive the whole forbidden-craze enchilada. The brain is the real puppet master, the real brains behind this entire vendetta. But whom do I delegate to smack my delirious, impetuous and whimsical brain into place. So the question actually is why is it the ‘forbidden fruit’ that tempts my brain the most? Why is it that I can’t take my mind off it? Why is it that my mind hankers for what I can’t see.. what I can’t touch?
Right now.. I really really and really want a JD. And ‘right now’ is the only only and only time when I can’t have it. All these days when it was sitting right there in the corner of my room, staring me in the eye, I ignored it and took it for granted.
And yeah, you, with the pretty little Bailey’s bottle in your hand don’t mock me and point it at the webcam. As it is.. fate already mocks me. 
PS: As you may notice this is all about the ‘Forbidden’ part of the title and the ‘Love’ part was just to seek some inquisitive attention. Now perhaps I am getting ASB issues too along with other mental conditions :P

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maithili said...

haha good trick..i almost thought you are in love with the forbidden!! good read though..never really thought about it.. but you have a is the conniving brain that is the actual brains behind..poor innocent heart gets blamed for everything!! ;)

The West Wind said...

Hehe Maithili That was a tricky one .. there could also be a double meaning hidden in the folds. And thank u for visiting. How is everything with you?

maithili said...

everything going alright dear.. exams still going on :)

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