The Walk Of Shame

One fine evening, Lisa met her ‘prince’.
Honest expression of love, was his evince.
He descended at her door-step, like a divine sign.
In his black shiny car,
With chocolates, flowers and wine.

Extravaganza at it’s best.
Alluring eyes, charming smile,
One-of-a-kind conquest.
Food, violins and a velvet casket.
Embellished with a brimming pocket.

A common friend had set them up.
It was just a first date, she better buckle-up.
Blind date, she thought ‘O, What The Hell’
You never know,
It might just cast the spell.

She reckoned he too shared her zeal.
Thus when it was time to
Kiss goodbye or seal the deal,
‘The rules of the game’ were put on amend.
As the eventful evening came to an end.

One fine evening, Lisa met her ‘prince’.
Next morning,
 He wrecked and savagely frayed her heart,
At her inanity, she could only curse and wince,
Gather her clothes and head towards the start.

Smeared mascara and ruffled hair.
The ‘prince’ missed in his manly flare,
While she let herself out with a delusive smile.
A little drop of tear in the corner of her eye.

As she walked home in that dreary morning light,
She thought to herself, on her morbid plight,
‘I sought Love, oh I am so lame’
‘My name will go down the fool’s hall of fame’
‘Love is nothing but a deceitful name’
‘And I suck at this pathetic game’
‘Thus here I am, walking
The Walk of Shame.’

Image Courtesy: Deviant Art & The Shadow Girl

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Great One :)

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last lines were just superb... :)

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