Truly Musical - Day #10

My moods keep swinging all the time, sometimes they are extremes while at other times they are more in-betweens. And my music varies too, but generally it isn’t synchronous with my mood. My music, mellow or loud, is always happy. Music always makes me happy. And my music comprises of unlimited gigabytes, spanning all possible sorts of genre from Folklore to RnB. Although I do admit, I am not such a big fan of Metal. But I do at times vent my anger by listening to Headstrong or Cold As Stone (This is not until I am extremely pissed.. which is extremely rare in itself). I know.. its cheesy, but what is life without cheese :P So it’s hard for me to classify my music with my moods (which are too complex already).  Music also has it’s period with me. At any given moment in my life, I fall in love with songs and after a considerable amount of time, I fall out of love too.. :)

PS: I am currently heads over heels in love with ‘Just The Way You Are’ by Bruno Mars, ‘You Are The Only Exception’ by Paramore and ‘You Belong With Me’ by Taylor Swift.

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