Sun*Shine*: Aquarian With A Difference Day #11

I am an Aquarian. But I am not too credulous of signs. I envisage it as just another charade humans like to cling on to so that they have a scapegoat when confronted by difficult circumstances, inability to attain what they wish for or the dismal plight of a failed relationship. I posit fate and destiny do exist, but eventually our choices and discretion in life lead us to where we end up. Thousands of people are born every moment, not even a fraction of them share the same traits or (mis)fortune. As an apostle of rationale, I fail be convinced by something so vague. I agree it can’t be refuted either, especially since it has been established since centuries. (Everyone knows ‘the fate’ of the medieval aficionados of Science and Rationale.) To me.. its merely something that brings more evil than good. I do not defy it, but I do not countenance it either. And I am sure stars have much more to do rather than pawn our lives.  

Unbelieving & Cynical.. Ehh? Are those Aquarian attributes too? I have no clue.. Maybe U know better :)

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