Drugs, Alcohol & Religion - Day #13

Addiction to chemicals, religion or even fellow humans is pernicious and fatal. Ideally one should hold on to something only until one can let go of it, beyond that point its addiction. I say ‘ideally’, because I am no one to preach, as I myself am addicted to more things that you can count on your fingers. So I am merely channeling the information.

Drugs.. Some are pretty innocuous, while some can get real bad. I am saving myself the ado. Instead I prefer to stimulate my reward pathway the natural way. Check out how :) I am not really a fan of social stigma, but I think awareness is crucial. If you are aware and you choose to exhilarate yourself and elevate your senses by mutilating your brain cells (cells that control every*freaking*thing in your body) (I am not kidding, if you are brave enough, have a look.) then it is your own discretion. I don’t give a crap.
But it’s sad for the ‘poor rich kids’ who have no idea what the thing they eat, drink or smoke does to their brains (They were too cool to attend any lectures) and end up being broke and over-dosed. (That’s how THAT happens.) All in the futile pursuit of eternal coolness… But I don’t give a crap about that either.
So go on.. Smoke Your Joints, but please learn the ‘Science’ behind it too. (And feel free to make fun of me for being ‘uncool’ and for denying to be the passive-pot-smoker.. I don’t give a crap yet again :D)

Alcohol..   I love my alcohol, but at the right time, right place, with the right people and in right amounts :) And I am aware of the ‘Science’ behind it. I have decided to trade moments of imprudent-drunk-fun with the transient health of the synapses in the front-lobe of my brain. It is not only those moments, but also the everlasting memories formed in those moments. It’s a pretty good bargain between keeping my sanity and the health of my brain. And it provides the extremely valuable escape from the monotonous and drab work-life most of us lead.
‘Wise words’ for others would be.. Go for a drink, two or even more.. if you know you can handle it. I have been there, done that and loved it :D I have experimented with almost everything from every known and unknown land and have succeeded in holding my liquid in. But alcohol tolerance quite erratic and unpredictable. (Trust me.. I have seen weird phenotypes. I can share the stories more privately maybe.) As a very famous and old saying goes is several languages (including our own), ‘Stretch yourself as far as your cover reaches.’ And to those who have refrained themselves from giving in to the lure of this bane, My Respect :)
PS: I had my first drink at the legal age of 18. Vodka & Orange Juice. And next morning I decided never to drink Orange Juice again. :D

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Religion.. It has my full credence. May be not the commercialized religion put on sale these days, but I believe in spirituality, good deeds and a higher power guiding and looking upon us.
Through centuries science has been parted from religion. People of science have denounced religion. And the men of religion have shunned science and its apostles. To me rationality is an extrapolation of ideologies. Deeper I plunge into the abysmal ocean of Science, more tenacious, vehement and profound becomes my credence in God and his celestial powers. For something as intricate and abstruse as a living being, and a world adorned with a diverse assortment of such beings, all linked by an elaborate food chain can be contrived, spawned and fostered by only ‘someone’ with inimitable competence and dexterity. Life in itself is evidence of the existence of a higher power, The Almighty!’

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hey awesome post!!!....people say U've got to atleast try everything once...but that's not a rule! you leap in after knowing full well of the consequences :)...better way indeed :)

The West Wind said...

Yeah.. I completely agree.. And Thank U for coming over :D

Ananya said...

That is so geeky! :O

The West Wind said...

Yeah maybe.. Nevertheless its the Truth :D

buckingfastard said...

every addiction is a bad addiction....point is its ur life...so one has to set ur own limits...but stick to those limits...makes life seem worth-ed...

i do it all..and i like to think the day i dont want to do any of those...including religion...i will have my independence to leave them behind :)

The West Wind said...

I completely agree with you.. one should not do or not do any of these because someone says so.. As adults we have earned the right to make the choice :D

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