As night falls, it comes to me,

and abates me of my weary day.

I sprawl in its lap and shut my eyes,

to wander in a mystic land

far far away.

It makes me feel aloft and ethereal,

with silver clouds in the shimmering sky.

Under the veil of my blissful slumber,

in the solace of my tranquil siesta,

until eternity I can lie.

To the land of demons and knights,

to the time of wars and fights,

in a twinkle I could meander.

To a red-letter day of my lucrative future

or a cherished moment of my glorious past.

The realms of my bedtime traverse

are unlimited and vast.

Adorned with an assortment of

starry-eyed dreams,

Or haunted with fiery nightmares.

Plays in my mind movie scenes,

or opens the chest with my

deepest fears.

As a child I despised and scorned,

when impetuously I was urged to sleep.

I reckoned I missed out on momentous issues,

or better things that I could do,

rather than be asleep.

Time & Trepidation made me realize,

there is no sweeter pleasure as a sneaky nap.

It is much more than a daily convention,

or a physiological state of mind.

It renders serenity & respite,

and a chance for the brain to unwind.

Oh sweet sleep I pine for thee,

On your wings, I will soar high and free.

Deprivation & impediments

led me to believe,

To a diligent day, sleep is a

cherubic and quiescent end.

Sleep.. my sleep my best friend :)

PS: Inspired by a Behavioural Pharmacology lecture on ‘Sleep’ . The neurobiological aspects on Sleep were not very appealing on a lousy Friday afternoon. Constant pestering of my wits to pen this down aided me to revive myself from the verge of extreme drowsiness during the highly insipid and soporific harangue.

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