Sunrise and snooze… a new day commenced in my life. Three snoozes later, I start my diligent day in a hustle bustle and sprint to catch the bus. It is said that a new day is a new beginning, but here, a new day brings a new deadline. Aurora might be the most pristine point of the day but mornings are hardly the best part of my day. The inception of my day is just the paradox of Lindsay Lohan’s kick off in ‘Just My Luck’. *sigh* *deep breath and rolling of eyes*
On a usual day, I have more things to do than it has hours in it. From shopping for food to completing assignments, from laundry to pre-exam preparation, everything is postponed until the last minute. Until the time when they reach the topmost spot on my priority list and I am forced to drop every other essential activity to wrap them up before the curtains drop. Since every morning brings a new deadline, certain less relevant tasks like laundry and arranging my messy and disheveled 'war zone-like' room, have been snoozed until eternity. I live my life on the edge, the steep edge of a cliff where a tumble is dear. This is attributed not to the adventure gene that I have bequeathed but the highly demanding graduate program that I am pursuing, which indeed, is the bane of my existence. After a million harangues dealing with all known neurological and psychiatric disorders, therapies, drug targets and so on, the verve in my life is vitalized and rejuvenated by the rare hours of repose in which I seek gratification and solace from the silver screen. Throughout the day, there is a constant discord within. The cortical part of my brain keeps juggling between the countless impending chores that are to be addressed eventually, while the hypothalamus constantly beckons towards food and slumberland.
One of these days, a sudden post-12hr-day realization struck me. My hypothalamus and liver were bellowing and shrieking in unison for food and my taste buds were struggling to unleash from the torture and twinge I steadily inflict upon them. And to my distress I realized that I lacked any sort of palatable goodies. A quick glance at the table clock gave me precisely 7 minutes to calm my senses and satiate my penchant. Adrenalin surged through my vessels and there I was, scampering down the stairs from the 11th floor like the building was on fire. That was my lucky day and one disgruntled customer picked a fight with ‘the supermarket-guy’ which bought me abundant time to grab a few things and pile them on the counter. Mission Dinner… Successful!! *bow* Such incidents are not sparse, but quite prevalent in my life.
Leading life on the edge has its own vantage and benefits. I have undergone a drastic metamorphosis from a dependent and sluggish existence to an independent, competent and efficacious lifestyle. It has aided in the mastering of the art of multi-tasking. Multi-tasking is an essential survival strategy in this fervid, diligent and mundane world where time is exiguous and aspirations are colossal.
This is not meant to whine about the predicaments and quandaries that I face in my everyday life. The distressful tales of students are analogous all over the planet. I just want to convey that the glass is generally full, but here the glass … is too full … upto the rim. However there is always a positive approach to things, so perhaps the student modus vivendi has evolved into the new modern contemporary way of life.

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