The Perfect Rendezvous

The land severed under the fiery and scorching heat. The incandescent sun in the crystal clear sky was setting the grounds ablaze. The torrid and parched land was devoid of any trace of life. Even the flutter of a bird was absent. The green in the nature had faded to a pale yellow. A withered twig here and there, in the otherwise desolate field, emphasized the struggle of life against nature. She scampered barefoot along the stony path. Her feet seared and her mouth was dry, but she wanted to be early. She had waited an eternity for this moment. She wanted it to be splendid and ideal. She had never seen a tableau other than the seething heat and the arid grounds. But she had always envisaged an enchanting seashore with golden sand scoured by emerald waves of the ocean.
As she approached the disheveled and downtrodden hut, she saw him. The mere sight was so enthralling. She saw him emerge from within the tall yellow grasses into the clear fields. Her soul was pacified and at the same time she was overwhelmed with fervor and anxiety. She could hear her heart beating and feel the butterflies in her stomach. She stood there watching his advent. With each approaching step, he appeared even more adorable. Although it had been almost a year since they had last met, his light gait and lustrous eyes seemed so familiar. He advanced like a pleasant and convivial breeze in the scathing heat. His mischievous grin enticed her heart.
He touched her hair lightly and slipped his hand into hers. He could feel the warmth in her eyes and the joy that gleamed on her face. She had countless things to say, innumerable queries, but she just smiled at him. As they wandered hand in hand, few gray clouds had assembled in the turquoise sky. Lost in their own world, they were oblivious to such an atypical phenomenon. They came closer. In his eyes, she saw a pining for her, a yearning to be with her. He draped his arms around her waist. A drop of sweat trickled down his brow. Even in this pernicious heat, she felt a chill. Their hearts were beating louder, but they were in perfect rhythm with each other.
As he bent down to kiss her, thunder struck!! The sky was filled with dark clouds. Lightening illuminated every corner of the world. As their lips touched and their souls merged, the first droplets of rain kissed the shriveled earth and the soil emanated vapors of relief. They stood lip-locked in the marrow of the field. The long awaited torrent had finally arrived. They were drenched to the bone in the downpour, but nothing other than their love prevailed on their minds at that moment. The temple bells chimed in unison. Even the Gods approved of their amour.
Nature celebrated their union by reviving the obsolete traces of life through this refreshing gale. The desolate and parched soil molded into a fresh and fertile terrain. From the withered twigs to the children in the village, everyone rejoiced hand in hand at deliverance from their elongated sufferings and distress. This was indeed ‘The Perfect Rendezvous’, so blissful and extraordinary. Sometimes when the entire milieu is painted in an archetypical and prosaic hue, fate finds a way to immortalize such precious moments.

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etymofreak said...

MAN U ppl r just so romantic.....
This reeks of honey and strawberries :P
Ahhh the world is seeing so less of sceptics like me
P.S. Plzz remove that word verification thing wen i commment. Wid ma short sight it bugs :P

The West Wind said...

Th romanticism is a momentary thing for me :P Most of the time I am practical and skeptical just like u :D
PS: I removed the word verification thing.

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