18 Till I Die

With the culmination of another year in my life approaching, I have started ensuing prominent signs of ageing. The most obtrusive one being incessant rants and diatribes about the growing number of candles on my cake. Not literally though, as I don’t really have a cake or candles on it anymore. It’s just too frivolous. But if I did, the cake would certainly be way too teeming with candles.
But I am not down in dumps or sullen about it. At times I might be in a pensive mood, but the present transcends over the past. And the occasional rants are more an aftermath of the atrocities of the present rather than the state of my mind. After all, I am not that venerable or ancient yet. I am barely.. umm.. lets say ‘Twenty Something’.
Growing up is as natural as nature itself. Mellowing of flowers into fruits initiates life. As kids, we always hankered to grow up, to lead an independent life and make our own decisions. Adulthood seemed like a mark of liberty, liberation from parental administration. But then, we only discerned the privileges. The attached strings remain inconspicuous, until one day, when reality strikes. We realize that that there are greater laws to abide by. Growing up brings with it dreams to achieve, responsibilities to render and expectations to meet.
Looking back we reckon how effortless and conducive life had been as kids. Requisition or not, anything we sought, we could turn to our parents and adjure for it. Once across the bridge, we long to retrace our steps, to forsake our nerve-racking lives and revert to the genial wombs of our mothers. But again, the present transcends over the past.
So reeling back to the present, Time is mercurial and Life is capricious. But life should not be about rants and regrets. Life is a collage and it is up to us to fill it with vibrant colours or shades of gray. I choose the former. And the present is not that abominable either. There might be some deadlines to meet, bills to pay, dinners to cook and dishes to wash, but there are also the late night parties, ‘exotic’ beverages and everything forbidden. Above all is the euphoria and pride of self-satisfaction and achievement.
Numbers are insignificant to me. 25, 15, or 35, the zeal in life should always be conserved. Age is accounted not by the years lived, but by the milestones achieved. Once in a while, I pause and ponder if I missed out something. But it is never too late for anything new. The neurons in my brain might have formed a few more synapses, but the muscle cells in my heart pump just as loud as before. So I shall hereby refrain from counting my birthdays. Henceforth birthdays shall only be an alibis for celebrations and revelries for my growing wiser and happier. :D     
Life is bizarre. Life is terse. It will veer with time, for better or worse. I have turned around the time lever. I will be vernal and sparkling at heart forever. 
I will be 18 till I die.

“It sure feels good to be alive,
Someday I’ll be 18 goin’ on Fifty-five.
Till the angels come and ask me to fly,
I’m gonna be 18 till I die.”
                                                                                           ~Bryan Adams

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Karthik said...

You did it again, Annyesha. Such an unalloyed and beautiful post. It's always a pleasure to read your blog.
"The neurons in my brain might have formed a few more synapses, but the muscle cells in my heart pump just as loud as before." Splendid. *Clap clap clap*
We often live in the past or the future, but seldom in the present. In stead of being the architects of our future, we become the prisoners of our past. I could easily relate to this post.
Too good yar. :)

Tulika said...

"Twenty Something and ready to conquer the world."

With each passing year, when we look back, it seems we have come a long way. But if the heart is a juvenile no matter how old u grow, there are odes yet to be sung.

Wish you a 18 forever.
Amazing piece of work, rich verbiage.

nil said...

"Mellowing of flowers into fruits initiates life."
Wow, What a line. You just put the whole life cycle in a mere 7 words. Like that!
That's what I call the power of the pen. You rule it,Annyesha. You do,indeed.

Excellent piece,as usual. Made me wonder,indeed.
Thanks for putting these wonderful ideas up for the world to read and broaden their vision from a mere focus.
Bless you not only till an 18, but a good 150~!
You go girl!

Anonymous said...

superb..to be honest , i was actually bit down today , but after reading your post have once again got that zeal back :) Thanx yaar ! :)

The West Wind said...

@ Karthik: I am glad u liked it and thank u so much for the appreciation. You are very right, the present always gets overlooked in our regrets for the past and dreams for the future. I m so please people can actually relate to my thoughts. I always thought that I have weird thoughts.

The West Wind said...

@ Tulika: Thank u so much. It really feels like we have come long way, but when we look ahead we see that there is even a longer way to tread.

@ Nils: Thanks a lot dear. The pen (or keyboard in this case) is mightier than everything else. And we are all enslaved by it in our own way. I would be more than happy if my words could broaden people's vision. That would add a purpose to my existence.
Thanks again dear :)

The West Wind said...

@ adreamygal: You cannot imagine how happy I feel to knwo that atleast I have made one person smile today. Life is full of ups and downs but we have to learn to bounce back.. what say.. Chalo thanks for sharing this info with me and for ur wonderful comment.

Gyanban said...

Age 20 -30 are the fastest years as compared to the rest of your life.
Everything happens - complete education,get job,buy car, make love, have a steady partner, parties,first level of company politics etc etc...not in that particular order though..so there is very little time to wait and reflect what happened - and that is why people make mistakes.

so the trick is to relax and take it easy..even if you are 29..coz 30-40 is going to be another whiz ride..

buckingfastard said...

ahh....growing up is such a pain!!! lets just call it quits mentally atleast!!!

bondgal_rulz said...

You write beautifully indeed. Poignant post.

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