In the back alley of the Church,
she squandered all through her exiguous life,
in frost, in fever, in hunger, in strife.
Seeking shade from wind and rain
But in despair and vain.

Clad in rags with unkempt hair,
she wandered frivolous here and there.
A tattered doll clenched under bare arm,
& in the other was her good luck charm.

Her eyes brimmed with innocence
and heart pounded in envy,
while the uptown girls giggled in a covey.
Their lustrous eyes and dainty frocks,
trendy fedora and silky socks.

The subtle gestures anguished her.
She sneered at their extravagant fur.
How she wished that their fates trade,
& blend her into the elite shade,
while the pretentious hellions frayed.

Oblivious in fury, she hurled
her good luck charm,
it rapped a boulder in alarm.
Lightening glared and resonating thunder,
The earth quivered and wobbled
like agitated lava under.

Stars and Butterflies,
 wove an ethereal cocoon around.
An elegant dress and satin scarf,
and tinker bells sound.
“The Uptown Girls sat on a wall,
The Uptown Girls had a great fall.”

Their ties with fate severed,
 ground beneath their feet wavered.
The rags and tatters graced their
haughty selves,
& egos withered to the size of elves.

Pride sparkled in her eyes,
With looks she could mesmerize.
With Luck and Fate now she was armed
She was, indeed, by the fairies in heaven,
….. CHARMED …..

PS: This is the fairy tale of a 10 year old that spends a major part of life surviving and envying the privileged ones. I wish their wishes get fulfilled once in a while and such tales come true so that their ‘faith on fate’ remains perpetual and resolute.

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Aneet said...

Nice verse.

I haven't come across anyone use the word "Exiguous" in a loooong time... We need to use "exiguous" more often.

I can think of 5 unpleasant things to say (with the word "exiguous") right now and I think 5 people are going to find out what they are first thing in the morning!

Guria said...

On retrospection, I don't think I can emulate your style... you are way too good!
Poetry is something I love so much but can barely churn out... and this one, with the deep unfolding idea... I can only say... CHARMED...

Madhu | said...

It was a beautiful read ...

In most posts poetry, the message is often lost in complicated language or the need for rhyme. But this lost no steam...

Their lustrous eyes and dainty frocks,
trendy fedora and silky socks.

The above lines were simply amazing :-)

The West Wind said...

Thanks a lot Madhu :) I try my best to bring out my point.

The West Wind said...

@Guria: I think ur very good too.. maybe we both have a little variety in our ways of expression.
As for poetry, for me, its very hard to bring it out unless my brain plays games with me and it comes out all by itself.

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