Gossip Girl - The End Of A Season

It is said that the end of a season marks the beginning of a new one. But it is not the case always. The end of a season on the small screen is evinced by the Season Finale. I am primarily of a capricious and frivolous ethos. I am neither as gracile and svelte as are the hallmarks of the charmed circle nor as flamboyant as the princesses of fairy tales. But a recent addiction to the tele-series ‘Gossip Girl’ has made me relate to the covert feminine and dainty side of me. Not that gossip is an attribute of the delicate sex, but the urge to know every prittle-prattle in foreign enclave has always been a major part of feminine enthusiasm.
With sun shining bright and the heat building up, we bid adieu to our favourite characters. As they prepare for a new twist in their lives we are forsaken to speculate upon what comes next. And the new beginning has to wait. The end of this season of Gossip Girl denoted the end of high school for the young protagonists, and the beginning of a new era, namely college.
While some like Serena van der Woodsen and Nate Archibald getting a place at the alma mater of their choice, others like Blair Waldorf aka Queen B, and ‘lonely boy’ Daniel Humphrey were impeded of their volitions despite their inimitable efforts. However the highlight of the season finale was the romantic reunion of the two most sought after couples of small screen, the high profile Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass, on one side of the bridge between the young and the ‘not so young’, and the legendary duo with a revolutionary history, Lily Bass and Rufus Humphrey on the other. On a more sombre note, it also brought about, yet once again, the split between the other amorous duo Dan and Serena.
The finale tagged each one on the ‘Upper East Side’ with a label. Daniel Humphrey was promoted from “the lonely boy” to “the ultimate insider”. Now nobody on the ‘Upper East Side’ or even in Brooklyn could comprehend when that transition ensued. Probably Lady Serena and Lady Luck both smiled at Dan simultaneously. Our very own Queen B was called “a weakling” and Chuck ‘Casanova’ Bass “a coward”, which compelled them to walk past their tags and prove Gossip Girl wrong. News is, just when Queen B was all set to shift her kingdom to the Yale-land, Chuck said the three magic words and they sealed the deal with a passionate kiss on the sidewalks. Perhaps both of them were too tired of fighting against their love for each other. A love story too entangled to be sorted out in the finale alone. Speculation leads to wonder how this unusual love story will unfold next fall.
Meanwhile Serena was so scared of the spotlight moving away from her that she decided to take Gossip Girl down. But she was far from successful and instead ended up celebrating her faux pas. The amicable and subtle Nate Archibald was finally back in the limelight with the label of “a class whore”. Maybe that calls for some enlightenment. With his innovative financial cum sexual ventures of the summer, this is a well deserved label, and a label that will stick.
Apart from leaving last impressions, another motive of the season finale is to build up an interest among the audience for the forthcoming season. For the same, numerous unanswered questions are left open at the end of a season which keep the audience cogitating.
With high school graduation for the class of 2009, there comes the termination of the ‘Mean Girls’ rule in Constance. Will there be a new assortment of ‘mean girls’ making life tough for the new juniors or that tradition will be history from now on?
Will the ‘Mean Girls’ come to terms with the forced coronation of Little Jenny by (ex-) Queen B? And what exactly led to the election of Little J from Brooklyn over all the silk stockings in Manhattan’s social circle?
With the Van Der Woodsen and Humphrey divine union in line, what would be the pre and post wedding scene in Brooklyn and the ‘Upper East Side’?
The past seasons have witnessed ripples of love and conflict between Dan and Serena. But with their parents all set to tie the knot, is there any prospect for their romance to bloom in the future?
With Lily Bass adopting the Humphrey last name, Little J will be adopted by Manhattan’s social circle. So will Little J be sucked into the elite quagmire, now that she will be rich and famous?
Will young Archibald abandoning the Mayor’s office and joining Brooklyn girl Venessa for the backpacking trip across Europe, re-instigate a romantic spark between them?
Ms. ‘Love Struck’ Waldorf is heading for her dream college Yale with the Bass heir at her arms. And with Georgina ‘bitch’ Sparks back in town (or room indeed) is all going to be well for her?
What is Rufus and Lily’s illegitimate and apparently ‘dead’ son Scott doing in Brooklyn? Does he know what they did?
And last but not the least who is Gossip Girl? Is she really inside each of us or is it just a facade used to conceal the real identity?
And yeah with everyone in the circle in different colleges, how is Gossip Girl going to stick to her promise and be around? She has to enhance her capabilities of being omnipresent and omniscient.
With all these ruminations, I have too much on my mind, at least enough to keep me busy for a while. However I am eagerly looking forward to the new beginning spiced up with all new gossip, drama and the answers to my questions. Sometimes I wish if only life could also come at us in seasons, we could take a break from life and just enjoy the sun.
So for now.. xo.. xo.. Gossip Girl !!

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