You Are The Only Exception

The world is a dreadful reflection,
where hate buds between every creation
and nothing is even close to perfection.
But when I look in your eyes, I see a new world
And a bright new sunrise.
With splashy days and silver nights.
I lay by you and you calm my frights,
and love forms a whole new generation
Coz you are the only exception.

When I am scarred, I have no consideration
And with pain I wish no association.
But when I‘m with you, there is no hurt
And I don’t feel the blue,
For an ounce of despise, the passion is more.
 For each bit of your scorn,
There is a white flag and no keeping score,
And I have no expectations
Coz you are the only exception.

Without you my life would have no direction,
and maybe, there won’t be any resurrection,
or even a simple reverberation.
But when I think of you, I have no regrets,
Mark my words and heed them too.
If time took me back, and I could do it again,
I wont change a thing, who cares what I gain.
And there would be no hesitation
Coz you are the only exception.

I hope one day, you come across this revelation
And know that you are my only exception.

PS: The name is inspired from the song ‘The Only Exception’ by Paramore.

5 Opinions:

Preeti said...

How sweet! :)

buckingfastard said...

loved the line, you are my only exception...says a lot...

lovely feelings...but i felt u concentrated too much on the rhyme ur feelings got clipped...let it free flow...who cares if its rhymes or not...its ur feelings and dats wat matters most...isnt it?

The West Wind said...

@Preeti: Thank U :)

@Buckingfastard: Its true sometimes I get a little carried away with the scheme.. Thanks for pointing it out

sonu said...

superb ... excellent :)

The West Wind said...

Thank U So Much :)

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